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Sync compatible services

To take full advantage of all the benefits and features of AppRadioLIVE, we strongly suggest you create a Pioneer AppRadio Live account and sync your accounts. Launch AppRadioLIVE on your phone and select the settings icon to access the "Services" page. A check mark indicates that you have synced the service to your AppRadioLIVE account.

Feedly® – Create an account and login to your Feedly account to customize your Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds in order to access them from the "My Subscriptions" and "Home" portion of the AppRadioLIVE app. You can add additional feeds by using the "Explore" feature in AppRadioLIVE or you can customize your account by visiting www.feedly.com.

Home Screen

Glance your content from the home screen

Touching either section of the home screen enlarges it to show more relevant information.

Control your content and navigate through the app

Tapping an enlarged section makes the content controllable from a full screen view. The top left button can be used to go back home or pass straight to a different content view.

Map Functions

Set Home and Office location

The default location for Home and Office can be saved in the app by a long push on the corresponding map area. These locations are then preset as routing destinations, and weather information is automatically kept up to date for them. In order to quickly find a location on the map the keyboard search function can also be used to enter an address.

Local address or POI using keyboard

By pressing the search box on the map an address or local point of interest can be entered using the keyboard. The search results appear in the results window. The results are grouped into addresses and places. To see the results of a points of interest search press the POI button, as shown below.

Press on one result to see the detailed information for this result. From this detail screen it is also possible to save the location as a home or work location.

Browse for points of interest or events on the map

Press the list button on the right hand side to browse the currently selected map area for POIs or events.

Navigate using compatible AppRadio Mode navigation apps

Selected destinations can be sent to popular compatible apps like Navmii. Make your choice by pressing the NAV button on the map view.

Auto-rotate the map to your heading

In order to automatically align the map with your GPS course, disable the North up mode by pressing its button.

Control what information is overlaid on the map

Push the settings button in map view to clear a route or (un)hide traffic information, events or POIs.

News Information

Switch information source between weather and RSS feed

Use the source select button on the information view to switch between weather and RSS feed data.

Media Sources

Switch music sources

Use the source select button in the Media view to switch between various media sources.

Browse media library

Press the central area of the Media view to go to the top level of the current media source. Alternatively you can go back to your previously visited library section by pressing the up arrow.

Search a media item

Press the magnifying glass in the media library view to key in your search term. The button is only enabled while parked. Pressing it will pop-up the on-screen keyboard of your head unit.


Switch to a timeline view of your calendar

To see your calendar appointments and recommended events arranged along a horizontal timeline instead of in a vertical list, press the clock icon.

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